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Max Patch and beyond

AT 1033

Kept hearing about Max Patch as a beautiful flat mountaintop destination.  It certainly lived up to its billing as we had a beautiful day and a group of us spent quite some time on top.  We all seemed to gather up at Brown Gap when the Tennessee trail magic had us pausing for a bit.  ‘We’ were myself, Flacco, the Florida brothers, 3 hats, Spark Plug.  While up on top a few boys came up and provided us with oranges and capri sun making the moment even more special.  On top of all this a cow and donkey pair came sauntering up the mountain and hovered around us for the next hour or so.  They were completely used to people and even paused to be fed or pet.

Followed up Max Patch with a stay in the shelter above which is Walnut Creek shelter.  Since the winds were howling I decided I was lucky to have 1 spot available in a 6 person shelter.  Later on I found out why the end spot was available in the first place.  I was sleeping right next to a broken plank which formed a ramp down to the space underneath the shelter.  Basically a mouse ramp up into the shelter.  Needless to say I didn’t sleep a wink just thinking about the ease of access the mice would have directly into our shelter space.  The good part about the howling winds was that everything we hung out to dry did just that in no time flat.