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Galway is a refreshing little town when compared to the dinginess of the main city of Ireland. We arrived after a 2+ hour bus trip. The weather is as nice as they get so all of the students are out along the bay. The main street is a haven for sidewalk bars. Ireland and England had a soccer match in the afternoon so the bars are packed.


Quaint little cobblestone streets are off limits to traffic so finally I can cross the street without an almost certain fear of being blindsided by a car coming from the opposite direction from which I am expecting. We are hitting the cliffs of moher tomorrow so we will get to experience the coastal beauty of the western region.


The weather was as good as it gets during our two day stay in Galway so the locals were out in full force to take advantage of the occasion.


While we were here we also visited the Galway cathedral. While I am not a religious person I can certainly appreciate the power that certain places convey and I was genuinely moved by the experience inside the church.