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Franconia Ridge, are you kidding me?

Oh my what a day. After breakfast and the moose sighting I hit the trail at around 10am. First stop was the top of a 4800 ft mountain called Little Haystack which set off one of the most beautiful stretches I have seen, the Franconia Ridge. The initial climb was a monster and throughout the day I was up and down from 5000 feet more times than I can count. I am currently at Galehead Hut under the wailing wind turbine on the roof. I am loving the system of Huts through the Whites. They are all run off the grid using the natural resources available to their respective locations. They all run off solar power while Galehead uses wind power and tomorrows hut, Zealand Falls, uses a generator to capture the power of the water falling alongside it.

Franconia ridge is fantastic with views of the trail up and over a succession of monstrous mountains. I may have pushed it a bit too far today but a storm is expected tomorrow and the thought of some of those treacherous downhills with a layer of rain on top is downright scary so I wanted to leave myself the option for a short one. My body is wearing down through this range and I find myself a bit nervous being alone in some spots due to the potentially disastrous results but the Whites are a very enjoyable stretch.