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Brodie in a new set of dog booties

I was going to experiment with a set of dog booties in order to help Brodie through the rough and rocky terrain of our upcoming jaunt through the Pennsylvania section of the Appalachian Trail.  The results were fairly predictable but that didn’t make it any less funny to witness.  Needless to say I think I am going to go in a different direction.

Brodie joins the fun

brodie view

My dog Brodie left with me out of Demascus as Sumner was kind enough to meet me up there for Trail Days and make the handoff.  I was nervous about having him with me due to his extreme fear of thunderstorms and extreme aversion to eating regularly.  So far he has been a dream come true as he stays right along on the trail and is eating (as long as I spice up his meals occasionally with crumbled up Carry Out dog treats).  The reaction to thunderstorms was astonishing to me.  The first night we had one he basically lifted up his head from a sleep position in my tent and sniffed around a couple of times and then lowered his head right back down to its original position.  The rain was pounding on the tent and the sky was being lit up with incremental flashes of light but all he did was lay down and he even closed his eyes and slept.  This gave me much more confidence in his ability to last out here.

The issue I have found along the way is that he accumulates ticks at an alarming rate and if they are around him than they are going to be around me.  I have started carrying my tweezers and a lighter in a handy place as I am handling tick removal several times a day and a bunch at night.  This will be a constant struggle throughout the duration of the trip and it will be overwhelming at times but I will hopefully figure out a system before I get to the Northeast as this is where Lyme disease is most prevalent.  The main tick I have found so far in Virginia has been a red tick with a white dot in the middle of the body.  These are called Lone Star ticks.