Off to Ireland.


Slept for zero hours on the overnight flight to Dublin. Location of the apartment is extremely central. Located just down the street from the Viking district where the overlords first settled when they arrived from overseas.

Started off the first day with a Guinness and lunch at a 400 year old pub. From here we went to Trinity College which was home to many of Ireland’s very own notable authors and playwrights. Saw Ireland’s national treasure, the book of Kells, which is an intricate and decorative book penned by monks just after the Viking arrival in 800 ad. Impressive to be in the presence of such a revered piece but could have done without the humongous crowd that decided to join us that day at the exhibit.

Tired from the flight so I slept a good portion of the afternoon only to awaken feeling invigorated for the night. Ran out to a grocery store to bring dinner back. Passed Vikar street concert venue where a block-long line had formed around the block. Scalpers were everywhere outside the venue so I was curious. Turns out Lana Del Ray was performing that night. I continued on home, ate, and looked up some music of hers. Reminded me a bit of Amy winehouse so I was intrigued. Ventured back out to the sold out show to inquire with the Scalpers. The guy came down from his initial offer of 80 Euros to a much more reasonable 30 so before I knew it I was in the show. Wound up being a great choice as the intro music began playing as I grabbed a beer in the adjoining bar. I wandered into the venue and was wildly impressed by her music and the layout of the show. I am now a fan.

Off to Ireland

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