Last Day in the Wilderness

By this point the mood amongst every hiker around is positively euphoric. Everyone can taste the end and it is a great feeling. Started off the morning in a steady drizzle which was carried over from late night/ early morning. Wet weather doesn’t seem to have the same impact this late in the hike since it will only be a few days until we can pack up our gear for good.

I encountered a group of guys at Nahmakanta Lake who invited me over for a drink. Before long I had seen about a dozen hikers pass through and I had been willingly held up for the better part of the day. After getting my fill of what they were offering (from deer sausage to ritz crackers) I struggled my way from their campsite and back into the woods. Hiked a little bit into the night to make up for my stalled day which is not my favorite thing to do however with the lack of wildlife there is one less element to fear along these walks. I was squishing through the bogs and since my shoes are getting tossed at the conclusion of this trip I had much less concern over their welfare. Worries all around seem to melt away in tandem with the conclusion of this adventure. Made it to Rainbow Spring Campsite where I must have heard every possible sound that the loon makes. The next morning I was treated to a beautiful spring feeding directly into Rainbow Lake.



Final day in the wilderness

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