3 Days Out

By this point the terrain is easy and the mood amongst thru hikers at this stage in the game is downright giddy. Today (9/23) shot back onto the warm side. Got in the 70’s today and tomorrow 80 degree temps are expected. Saw two signs for ‘Sand Beach’ which propelled me into the accompanying lakes both times. It was a good thing for me that both were lakes as I am not fully trusting ponds nowadays ever since Aces pulled a leach off of herself when we were in the boat at Chairback.

Got my first glimpse of Katahdin from Pemadumcook Lake. It is awe-inspiring the way it sits unrivaled on the otherwise flat landscape. It reminds me a lot of Mount Daisen in Japan in how it just dominates its surroundings. Pushed over 20 miles today leaving only 44 to go.



3 days out

  • September 25th, 2011
  • Posted in Trips

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