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Cork may have been my favorite city in Ireland. I was nervous as we entered town as the girls seemed to prefer the smaller towns to the big cities and Cork is Ireland’s third biggest city. It sure doesn’t feel this way.


We stayed on the outskirts near the University of Cork which was beautiful. The main quadrangle was a sight.


Just up from the university is fitzgerald park which was throbbing with people due to the abundance of sunny days which we were fortunate to experience throughout our journey.

The city is framed by several rivers which seem to divide the city into districts. The downtown area is a charming little series of interconnected streets with some being blocked off to car traffic.

Found an amazing brewery and beer garden called the Franciscan Well which was built into the wall of an old monastery with a well that was thought to possess healing powers.


From Cork we took a day trip out to Cobh which is a pretty little port city which happened to be the last stop of the titanic before its ill-fated journey to NY and then on to Blarney castle which houses the world famous blarney stone.



As with any vacation ours could have lasted a wee bit longer but every stop along the way was more enjoyable than the stop before so I think we got a good impression of what the country has to offer.


Second day in Killarney. We toured the Ring of Kerry which provided endless views of the south easternly part of Ireland.


Also saw a sheepdog demonstration that was pretty excellent. The guy had the dogs trained on their own commands so they didn’t react to each others.


When we got back to Killarney that evening we discovered there was a Gaelic football semifinal between Kerry and Watertown. Went down to the stadium for that and found out how complex and active the game is. It is a combination of soccer, football, rugby, with a little basketball mixed in.



Closed it out at the pub where we listened to traditional Irish music being played at the next table over.