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Lebowski Fest

As the sun set on Tampa the inspiration behind ‘the Dude’ skidded figure 8’s in the parking lot at University Lanes where the latest incarnation of the Lebowski Fest was getting underway. Inside (on the lanes) the alley a steady stream of Lebowski references were personified in the form of some of the most literal costumes I have ever seen. From the pee stained rug to the dude himself all characters and references to this popular story were represented in a riotous event that brought together a like-minded, cross section of Lebowski fans.

It was quite an experience bowling alongside a very good likeness of Walter, Jesus, and a 6″9′ Nihilist complete with a terrible 80’s hairband-style wig. And when the other Lebowski rolled up in his wheel chair to join our lane already in progress the party really got started. Certain costumes really stood out and the roaming documentary film crew really focused on these dedicated individuals. Our wheelchaired Lebowski received much of the attention for being so ‘in character’ with the chair and all and when a bikini’d Bunny came and threw herself in his lap for the ultimate reunion you can bet the flashbulbs were honking.

Overall it was the least-threatening and most welcoming environment a group of people can share with such a specific common interest and you can bet I will be scanning the Lebowski Fest site to see when I can take in another the next time it is within reach.

A 360 degree view of Lebowskifest