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Tarpon Springs Farmer’s Market – 2/21

Had to finally check out the local farmer’s market on Sunday and was not disappointed at the selection.  It was a chore following a night of drinking but a necessary endeavor all the same.

I decided to take Brodie for a walk up there to kill two birds with one stone.  Not the brightest of ideas on my part as as soon as I heard the distant music just past Craig Park I thought I felt the first bit of hesitation at the end of my leash where Brodie was in the beginning stages of his panic process.  Sure enough, right there on the sidewalk on the edge of the market the dog just laid down and refused to budge into the fray of a fairly busy and active Sunday market.  He is not a big fan of commotion so the only way I could continue to my pierogi’s would be to pick him up and carry him in.  Once this was decided I was able to continue but it did make my counter interaction a bit more difficult.

Once inside the perimeter I was greeted by the very slow melodic notes of a long ago hippy folk band fronted by a bunch of the older generation of street strollers in a set of improvised outdoor banquet furniture.  The market is set up  squarely in the middle of town in the parking lot at the corner of Tarpon Ave and Alt 19 so there was a fair amount of foot traffic.  It was also well attended by vendors which happened to include the source of my inspiration; a homemade pierogi operation which I wanted to compare notes with after my failed attempt during my first batch this past weekend.   All in all, I dropped about $25 bucks on 2 dozen pierogi’s, a 12oz. kielbasi, a loaf of sourdough bread, a bunch of apple-bananas, six oranges with a honey flavoring and a very necessary orange-guava fruit smoothie on the way out.  Overall there were a couple of bakeries, one large fruit and vegetable stand, a flavor ice guy, several ethnic storefronts, a mobile smoothie RV, a pickle guy, and several craft vendors which weren’t terrible.

The market runs each Sunday from 9-2 until May so I will no doubt be back for more.  On the way back home I passed through Craig Park and here I saw my first dolphin in Tarpon (in addition to the countless Manatees lurking just below the surface).

1/30/10 – Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Today Tampa carried out a parade in remembrance of a past pirate invasion of the area (Gasparilla Pirate Festival).  It was an extremely liberal festival, not as over the top rowdy as expected but still wild and crazy just the same.  This was my first visit to Bayshore Blve and the area provided a perfect backdrop to the revelry.  The street ran up alongside mansions with views and along the water which happened to be choppy from the rain and wind that persisted.  It was a very bead oriented affair and the floats seemed very indiscriminating as to their targets so everyone seemed to have some.  Sumners’ son Bailey definitely took the crown for most beads attained.

1/16/10 – Brooksville Raid

Got out to Brooksville today to see the Brooksville Raid civil war reenactment.  The announcer was money and also happened to be the cellist in the old timey band that provided the day’s score.  It was a quality event where the crowd had almost total access to.  You could visit camps and of course the trinket tents were buzzing with activity.  They had plenty of metal cups, bullets, and knitted goods. They even sold $10 refillable growlers of Sasparilla which seemed to be a big hit despite the steep price for root beer.

The battle was visually pleasing taking place in a fairly large open field with about 500 reenactors.  The show lasted about an hour and a half and was concluded with a final all-company salute.

Epiphany Celebration 2010